Carsten “Böble” Fisch



Bass, backing vocals

Play since

Summer 2000

Musical career

E-Guitar at “Various Artists”/ Trial of Destiny E-Guitar at Doomshine “Predecessors” (Door to December, Madmartigan, Sleep With The Devil…)

Various projects: eNBee (pop, guitar, keyboard programming and production), SA Slick (hiphop, keyboard programming)…

Bass at Doomshine ;o)

Favorite bands / influences

Dream Theater (Images&Words, Scenes From A Memory) Fates Warning (Disconnected, A Pleasant Shade Of Grey) Candlemass (alles!) Nevermore ( Dead Heart In A Dead World) ARK (Burn The Sun) Solitude Aeturnus (all!) Spiral Tower, Katatonia

Favorite movies

Starwars, 5th Element,Lord Of The Rings, 6th Sense, Leon der Profi, Robocop (kult!), Alien1-4, 12 Monkeys, Conspiracy Theory, Der mit dem Wolf tanzt, Contact


G&L L2500 Tribute, Yamaha TRB1005, Roland DB700


Music, work in my own studio, family